Park & Tilford Medical Treatment Centre

We are a walk-in medical clinic staffed by North Shore Family Physicians who maintain their practices elsewhere. Conveniently located in the Park and Tilford Shopping Centre with easy parking, our doctors provide comprehensive care in  urgent care  or for those who cannot access their family doctors.

We suggest that you try to see your family doctor first. For those who cannot be seen – or who do not have a family doctor, you will be able to see a doctor in our clinic who will provide  when possible, North Shore doctors with a written report of your visit .

We have no appointments and wait times may vary.

We are not equipped to handle  medical emergencies. If you think you may be having  a true emergency, you should call 911 or seek treatment at Lions Gate Hospital  emergency department .

Our policy re. Test Results
If your result is normal : we do not phone or contact you.

If your result is abnormal : we will do everything we can to contact you and suggest a return visit to the clinic or will advise a follow up visit to your family doctor.  We also try to copy your Family Physician on all test results